Bateaux Slider

Creating and editing Bateaux Slider is at ease. Preview are right on the Page Builder.

Standard Slider

Slider comes with packed of options. You can toggle components on each slide, adjust background, change animation, and much more. 
Meet BateauX Theme
The seamless backend comprising of live drag-and-drop page builder and inspector where all options change in real-time.
Everything, at one place.
Customizer .
Live theme options extended from the standard Wordpress. You may customize anything you can imagine of and it is real time.
Beauty meets Performance
Font MAnager .
Less custom fonts, better performance. We try to minimal the excess load of fonts by letting you select default fonts for the site

Slider with no content

Without content, you can transform it to responsive image carousel with fixed height. Parallax can also be applied.
Meticulously Made for Everyone
Exceptionally sharp and clean design.
One Theme, Infinite Possibilities
Be Creative.
Save time with fast & Light framework
Easy to customize. Easy to learn. Easy to build.
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